[PROXYPER] v304 linux not FIFO ?

Knut Pfefferkorn Pfeffi at transnet.de
Thu Feb 11 10:11:41 EST 1999


I'm running v304, linux libc5, x86

inbuff is set to 10000 (I have a lot of clients), but as you can see
the proxy immediatly assigns received blocks to the clients....

02/09/99 09:10:05,server: Assigned us rc564 821cf4c3:e0000000, iter 11
02/09/99 09:10:05,server: Assigned us rc564 821cf4c4:f0000000, iter 12
02/09/99 09:11:21,19X.xxx.xx.xx: assigned rc564 821cf4c3:e0000000, iter
02/09/99 09:11:21,19X.xxx.xx.xx: assigned rc564 821cf4c4:00000000, iter
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