[PROXYPER] Proxy in and out files

Attila Csipa cipa at uns.ns.ac.yu
Thu Feb 11 00:05:18 EST 1999

At 08:10 AM 2/10/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>  ? The first public 3xx series OS/2 PProxy was 304 or 303, I think, and in
>> the readme.os2 the author suggested -unlock -repair at every startup. I
>> don't think that the author would put in such an OS/2 specific comment
>> without the implementation of those functions.

>that's the first that i've heard of a new OS/2 perproxy... before
>DES-III, i looked several times to no avail... then time  got tight on
>me and has been ever since...

 It has a date of Jan 28, I think.

>it would be =nice= (to say the least) if the perproxy developers, or
>distribution folks would at least drop a small message in here when the
>post a new version for public consumption...

 There is an option to receive an email when the proxies page changes, but
this is not a real solution, since people are usually interested in proxies
for just one or two platforms. This goes for clients, too. You could write
a script that checks if there is a new version client/proxy available but
that would be an overkill :(

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