[PROXYPER] What's happening to my 304?

Phillip phile at phile.com.au
Fri Feb 12 06:04:23 EST 1999

>I did wonder about him/her being on a dynamic IP - but it still looks very
>suspiciously like an attack...

Thanks to everyone that offered advice on this thread. I must admit that I
was a bit sceptical about why this would have been an attack (I couldn't,
and to be honest I still can't, work out why anyone would be interested
in targetting Port 2064). But I've gotta admit that I finally came around to
the same solution. (BTW the proxy is running on os/2 and it just kept
keeping on. I don't really put this down to it just being this particular
OS though, but I can't work out what sort of exploit this guy could have
had in mind or what he might have been trying to achieve other than
try to get some sort of satisfaction from a denial of service).

In the end I had to ignore a full class C (209.79.136.*) and then he seemed
to switch to a few 209.77.*.* addresses - so I did a dummy spit and ignored
that entire Class B. After another day of attempts, it looks as though the
connection attempts have stopped. So I'll probably take out the ignore lines
from the ini over the weekend and keep a close eye on proceedings.

Again, thanks for the help everyone.


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