[PROXYPER] Linux 304 PP

Petr Novotny Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
Fri Feb 12 09:14:09 EST 1999

> Here's my take on it:
> (+) it's compatible with the other v3xx proxies
> (-) it locks it's buffers, which in a crash, they must be unlocked
> before
>     the proxy can start again 
> (-) There is a chance, that in a crash, the buffers will become
> irrepairable
>     corrupted

(-) In a crash, since the done block are in the memory and not on 
disk, they're lost. (280 proxy was much better handling that.)
(-) When our LAN is not online and proxy wants to fetch/flush, it 
ignores requests from clients. (Hell, what's the proxy good for 
then?) I can post here logs and stuff. (It seems that is hangs in 
gethostbyname() and refuses client connections. My setup is 
caching-only named; if proxy resloves the name, it asks the local 
named which in turns tries to fetch the info from the - now 
disconnected - Inet and times out too late.)

> Those are the only two things I'm bitter about right now :P

And those are MY sources of bitterness...
Petr Novotny, ANTEK CS
Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
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