[PROXYPER] Win32 Proxy v304 Lurkonly dialout problem

David J P Bodger davebodger at bigfoot.com
Fri Feb 12 18:20:18 EST 1999

Hi Joseph, at 00:39 12/02/99 +1000, you wrote:-
>>I have both a Proxy and a Client running on my main machine which is the
>>only computer on the network with dial-out access to the Internet.
>>I have them both set to 'lurkonly' and the Client (v2.7105.432) works
>>flawlessly but the Proxy keeps trying to dial out from time to time even
>>though it has noticed the link is down.
>You'll probably find that you have "automatic connection" enabled in your
>dialup networking dialog. It's a peculiar feature to find in Win98

Thanks for that Joseph - you're a star!
That was exactly the problem.
I've turned it off and the proxy is behaving itself now. :-)
I've only been running Win98 a month and hadn't noticed that setting before
(probably because Microsoft in their infinite wisdom decided to call it
"Prompt to use Dial-Up Networking" instead of "Auto-Connect").
Ho Hum.

All the best.


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