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K.Peter Meyer kpm at ivolution.de
Sun Feb 14 02:03:36 EST 1999

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From: Andreas Beckmann <andreas.beckmann at student.uni-halle.de>
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>I'm running several sneakernet clients (buffer transfer on floppies) and
>installed lately the 304 WIN PerProxy (ProxyPer?) to handle them offline on
>my local machine - especially to protect the telephone monopolist from
>earning too much money ;) So there is only one client (the proxy) that
>a connection to fetch/flush blocks.

That's why i have thrown away the 304 and replaced it with my "old" 280. The
304 is IMHO a program which is acting in a way the user won't understand,
even worse, ignores the user.
The 280 runs as expected and you never have to guess about it's behaviour.

>Who will read such a long email ? ;))
>Waiting for StatsBox II,

Who's not? :-)

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