[PROXYPER] Is 30x a lemon?

Petr Novotny Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
Mon Feb 15 11:21:24 EST 1999


while I was upset a but about problems with detaching (and I changed 
start up scripts), and while I still can't run logcompressor (neither 
gzip nor rm), I wouldn't consider these problem too big.

I don't know if locking was neccessary (and the explanation sounded 
lame - does that mean that once you're locking personal proxies, you 
can cut out dupe-checking code from the master?) but I can certainly 
live with that (added -unlock and -repair to startup scripts).

What I still do not understand is that a part of the buffers is never 
flushed to the disc. Is that really neccessary? It did cost me 
already a few hundred block - and it will keep costing me more blocks 
in the future. I am not going to back up the proxy computer with UPS 
and stuff.

I would really appreciate if someone would, really carefully,
explain me why I have to sacrifice a part of my keyrate - what big
gain for the comunity I am serving. Until I see that explanation, I
consider 30x a lemon and myself a lab rat. (But I'll keep using it
since I don't want to care about "client v.xxxx needs proxy at least

Petr Novotny, ANTEK CS
Petr.Novotny at antek.cz
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