FW: [PROXYPER] Errors...

Christopher Hubbell chubbell at apps.mc.xerox.com
Mon Feb 15 09:52:46 EST 1999

Actually, this HTTP firewall doesn't require a password.  My clients are
configured to point to the firewall bax, port 8000, and they do the rest.
I had assumed that these proxies would be able to use similar
connectivity...  Guess not.


> I have not been able to get version 30X with our HTTP proxy either.  Rather
> than just going back to 280, I just configured the machine to dialup once a
> day and update.  
> If someone has been able to make this new personal proxies to work with an
> http proxy that requires password, I would like to hear about it.  
> Saludos,
> Orlando

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