[PROXYPER] Is 30x a lemon?

Jeff Lawson jlawson at bovine.net
Mon Feb 15 20:59:19 EST 1999

Messages relating to "unhandled packet" are typically from not having any
blocks to distributed to a client requesting a block.  This is the normal
message that would be generated in such a case.  Yes, it is vague, and yes
that is intentional.  The 300+ build proxies are very module based in
design to permit easy future expansion, and so any non-positive packet
response will produce that message.

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On Mon, 15 Feb 1999, Meij Ewout MSM AD CH wrote:

> I use the 304 on NT (4 SP4) and I must say it's a lot better than
> >300<304 but I still need to enter a ipaddress rather then a name in the
> [keyserver] ipaddress field or it will 'resolve' the name to
> It has been running for about two weeks now, flawless. Untill half an
> hour ago... Rebooted the box, started the pp and on the screen it
> screems:
> Contest rc564 didn't handle a packed!
> This is from about 5 different clients. At the client it says:
> Fetch: Bad request acknowledgement.
> I could not find the FAQ (is there a PP FAQ at all?) anywhere. So,
> should I consult my horoscope on when to start the pp or does anyone
> outhere know what's up?
> Ewout
> I keep asking myself: why did the 280 run so well?
> --
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