[PROXYPER] Proxyper 300+ a lemon? (long)

K.Peter Meyer kpm at ivolution.de
Tue Feb 16 17:32:01 EST 1999

From: Jeff Lawson <jlawson at bovine.net>

>I'm sure this message will undoubtedly generate a number of significant
>replies.  Please understand that the original message to which I am
>replying was very painful to me, as well as many of the other significant
>criticisms that have been made on this mailing list.

Hi Jeff,

wouldn't it have been better to inform the people in advance of all these

I think, most of us where spending a lot of (trial)-time in the past by
trying the new Versions. Time that could have been saved by "some infos from
the developers".

I understand that it's a question of "overload" at your side. But on the
other hand, much of the criticism would have been superfluos.

Sometimes i think that it's a question of public relations/information.
Don't let the people alone. See nuggets finger about stats - i feel myself
informed and know that i have to wait. That's imho the right way.

Best wishes for the ongoing work - i think we all keep on cracking.... :-)


The rc5 Personal Proxy Statistics Viewer (for V.280 AND V.304) :)

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