[PROXYPER] Linux 304 PP

Ian Cumbers legal at cix.co.uk
Tue Feb 16 17:02:00 EST 1999

You raise a couple of points that several people are complaining about.  
However,  you take it that bit further by directly moaning about the 
author of the code.


> ? This change is not a feature nor a bug, just programmer error.

> the stats it provided were nice. Those are gone, feature? bug? No, just
> programmer laziness.

I mainly use Microsnot packages.  I know that the things you complain of 
can occur with expensive software packages and even OS's.

However,  there are some differences between D.Net and MS.  D.Net is a 
non-profit organisation that is furthering serious technical ideas whilst 
giving *us* all a bit of competitive fun.  The people running it don't get 
a large cash handout from me, you or the companies who sell us our nice 

The coding for D.Net is currently closed (I think?).  I assume that if 
they can / decide to choose a more open development style (roll on the 
Bazaar :0) then you will be queuing up to spend your personal time, for no 
financial gain, on 'fixing' these 'programmer errors'.

Kind Regards

Ian Cumbers
mailto:legal at cix.co.uk
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