My own 2cents RE: [PROXYPER] Proxyper 300+ a lemon? (long)

John Poznicek johnpoz at
Tue Feb 16 22:42:16 EST 1999

After reading a FEW of these posts - had to throw my own two cents in! Be
it off the mark or not :)

I've been with the dnet effort for 423 days now - if the test stats
pages are correct.  Man how time flies when your having FUN!  Yes it has
been FUN, and I hope for it too be for a long time to come - so don't take
anything I say too serious :)  I just wish I wasnt as late as I was to the
party - I would prob be alot higher in the stats :)

I have done my fair share of complaining - and maybe not always called
for.  But I would think that since I run clients, and contribute my idle
cpu time too the dnet effort, it comes with atleast the possiblility of
venting to the powers that be! (I would hope being ranked 66 overall would
mean that I can vent when something doesnt work? <grin>)

I haven't tried out the 304 build of the pproxy yet - Ive had my fill of the
300 builds til I start hearing good things, or atleast stop hearing about
the bad things... Or atleast the 310's come out :)

Anyway, to my point - if I can remember what I was going to say now.  I
think that almost everyone running clients has the Highest Regard and
of the Coders and Founders of Dnet.  But again I have to agree, if someone
their feelings hurt by someone venting - they have themselves partly to

I know there was a rush to get new clients and pproxies out before the DES
contest started, but taking a couple of minutes to list what was changed in
a client or a pproxy - and including it in the release would have held off
the masses for alot of complaining.  Some people can be rude when their

I know I was frustrated!! when the 300 builds first came out! And we were
just testing - getting ready for DES-III

Anyway - as I am rambling, and have lost my whole train of thought - damn,
another beer!

So - people please keep the really mean comments to yourselves, remember to
vent enough steam to keep the reactor from Melting - you don't have to cool
so much it freezes :)

And Dnet higher ups - keep the info coming! I love the plans!! Who's idea
was that
anyway! Great One! and I love the plans mailing list - I get all the plans
and dont even have to check them!!

And Coders - if you change something in a client or a pproxy - please list
a line about what you did. IE if a function no longer will work (work in
you could save everyone alot of grief saying that in a changelog.txt, or if
you made
so many changes - you don't even know what you did, please list that!
Atleast us
low lifes running the clients will know that the coders where thinking of US
they made the changes :) heheh

Didn't really say anything - just rambling - what you want for 2 cents!

John Poznicek
Team #2349

Remember - When the Aliens come, they will EAT the FAT ones first :)

Sorry about that - heard it today, have been laughing about it ever since,
had to
spread it around!

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