[PROXYPER] OS/2 Proxy download

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Wed Feb 17 22:45:06 EST 1999

Shawn Tayler wrote:
> Hi Guy's,
> So how come I can't get to either the HTTP nor FTP links for the OS/2 PProxy?  The directories/files are
> non-existant per the server....

you have to go the the entry at the top of that page that says something
to the effect of "new server"... the actual links on the page don't work
but going to the abov will drop you right on a mirror that has all the
current versions on it for like 10 different platforms... i was just
there the other day and got the 304 version of the pproxy but i'm not so
sure i want to install it yet... i do _not_ go about shutting down all
the servers running on this box when i =have= to shut it down... with
over 50 processes and like 200 threads average, the kill command should
cause each one to shutdown on it's own... and if i'm playing on it and
lock it up, the three finger salute may be the only way out...

is the new OS/2 pproxy version a port using emx?? i haven't looked at
the binary with my viewer, yet... it may be possible to have a "watcher"
that can/will send SIGHUPs to emx based programs to get them to shutdown
properly before the rest of the system falls out from underneath them...
when it comes to shutting this box down, there's not =any= time to do it
cleanly in 99% of the cases... not to mention when the UPS shuts it down
for lack of commercial power for longer than 15 - 30 minutes...

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