[PROXYPER] When does it flush?

Meij Ewout MSM AD CH ewout.meij at cibasc.com
Thu Feb 18 08:12:00 EST 1999

In my humble memory cels, I seem to find that flushing blocks from a PP
would be done if the maxkeysdone limit was reached.

For some obsecure reason I have a couple of days ago set this to 999999.
This morning I checked and saw that only +500 blocks are there... I've
do more than 500 blocks & less than 1 mil, that is for sure. So it seems
that the PP flushs at other triggers as well.

Does any one know what triggers the flushing? I suspect Fetching or, a
log rotation (set to daily currently) but I am not sure. Unfortunatly I
had the logfileconsole option set to nothing, so I can not look back
(changed now).

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