Nico Schmoigl schmoigl at rumms.uni-mannheim.de
Thu Feb 18 22:26:12 EST 1999


> [02/16/99 19:21:56 UTC] Server connectivity mode is offline

You did install the server in offline mode. That means that it won't 
call out to get some keys...

> [02/16/99 19:21:56 UTC] rc564 r=0/50, d=0/20, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0
> [02/16/99 19:21:56 UTC] desII r=0/20, d=0/3, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0

... and currently it has no keys...

> [02/16/99 19:22:11 UTC] Accepted connection from address
> [02/16/99 19:22:11 UTC] Client requesting communication
> [02/16/99 19:22:11 UTC] Contest rc564 didn't handle a
> packet!

And now, a client arrives and want some keys... But the server 
hasn't one... so...

> [02/16/99 19:22:11 UTC] Closing client connection.

...kill the connection!

and the client:

> [Feb 16 19:22:11 UTC] Connecting to localhost:2064...
> [Feb 16 19:22:11 UTC] Fetch::Bad request acknowledgement.

Well - if he doesn't get one packet!?!?....

> [Feb 16 19:22:11 UTC] Loaded RC5 1*2^28 block 8359AAF5:70000000 (1.58%
> done)

he'll take one at random...

> What I made wrong? Why proxy said "Contest rc564 didn't handle a
> packet" and client said "Fetch::Bad request acknowledgement" ?

Well - you didn't make something wrong but you just forget to let the 
server fetch some keys from one of the keyservers. Currently, I do 
not know excatly know how to trigger a connection, but the docs that 
I have, say that you should press CTRL+BREAK (not CTRL+C) in 
the Proxy window to let it call out (of course your Internet connection 
must be up...)

Just another comment (my 2 cents): You will just request 50 keys 
from the keyserver with the current setting. My two computers here 
can do around 400 keys a day, so this value seems to be a bit to 
low in my eyes...

Hope it helps...


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