[PROXYPER] Is 30x a lemon?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Thu Feb 18 16:50:06 EST 1999

David Taylor wrote:
> Assuming you read his post, the proxy wasn't.  It was designed to be run
> in a server enviromnet - i.e. one which doesnt crash daily...  I agree
> there should probably be a ini file entry like 'bufferoften' or something
> to enable buffering of all blocks.. but..

i agree... this would be a GoodThing<tm> for many perproxy
environments... mine for one <G>

to the perproxy programer(s): you've done a good job... keep up the good
work... and always remember, communications is a GoodThing<tm> too <G>

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