[PROXYPER] Re: Proxyper 300+ a lemon? (long reply)

root at brain.acmelabs.com root at brain.acmelabs.com
Thu Feb 18 20:24:02 EST 1999

Well, let me start off by saying yes i was harsh. FOr that i apolozige, no
one deserves to be compared to microsoft. I was pissed when the new proxy
didnt work for me as the old one had.

I did try to make my last message as constructive as i could, pointing out
things I hoped will be at least looked into if not fixed.
Still, my frustration showed through.

Now, i do have to say that ive never had trouble with the keyserves and
that alone is proof of a job well done with those machines. But just as it
does not matter to me how the warehouse is run at my company as long as it
is run well, it doesnt matter to me what happens with the keyservers as
long as they do their job.

On the other hand, the proxies do affect me and I do care how they run!
So please forgive me if I am a bit passionate about my proxy!

My local stats tell me a lot more than the d.net stats do, i break it down
by machine and I find that terribly useful as before this was done a
machine would for one reason or another stop producing blocks and I would
not find out for days or weeks. I domt mind changing things a bit if the
data output format changes but if it vanishes with no trace then ive got a
problem! Thanks for putting cumulative back in.

About the new buffers, I think you said something about the proxies
running the repair on startup by default. good idea, do they also run it
periodically? might be a good idea too.. 
Im curious, are the buffers now FIFO?
The locked buffers can get a bit annoying when the need for frequent
reboots arises. Isnt there a way for the proxy to check to see if another
is running? If a pid file is used then you can store it in a standard
place like /tmp or something along those lines. I should add, that every
time ive had to -unlock there was not another proxy running.

> Since so many personal proxy users seem to greatly dislike the increased
> complexity inherent in the new buffering structure, I may eventually
> decide to completely separate the pproxy buffering code from the new
> vuffering code that will continued to be used byt he full servers and the
> keymaster.

Hey, im all for complexity as long as it doesnt make my life harder than
it is already. :)

Warning, here comes the detached thing again. I just dont understand why
it cant be both a commandline option and something that can quietly sit in
the ini file? Im the kind of person with a flaky memory, i forget
commandlines all the time. Not just what the option is but that I needed
it in the first place. For me detached in the ini file works better,
perhaps fo you commandline works better.. Why not give people the choice?

Ive been hoping you should release a new version that had the
logcompressor working, im still doing it by cron. .. BUT ..
I think youre right not to release a proxy now if youre in the middle of
some changes. Coming froma company that has a bad habit of realeasing a
certain piece of software before its ready i know what happens too.
You piss off lots of people, and in my case they were not as nice as I was
to you, Jeff. Ive had people curse every member of my family several times

I realize you were trying to get the thing out for desIII but
pleeease! I ask that if you do make any more releases with so many wide
sweeping changes that you ask whoever puts the software on the proxy
download page to have both versions on the page with a little note "if
youre thinking of using the newer version read this first".. That might
have saved me a lot of trouble. :) I admit, Imade the mistake of just
downloading it and installing without putting in much thought or reading
the readme first.

Anyhoo, I write all this hoping the proxies do progress forward. I happen
to feel pretty strongly about the whole project and the proxies make my
life a world easier having a bunch of machines ranging from a 486/66 to a
dual 450 all behind an intermittant isdn that fails more often than works.

So dont get us wrong, we do appreciate the work. Just try not to let us
down. Sure the keyservers are very important but so is every other
computer out there that runs a client or a proxy, even the little 486/66
I use as a printserver. :)

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