[PROXYPER] Proxyper 300+ a lemon? (long)

root at brain.acmelabs.com root at brain.acmelabs.com
Thu Feb 18 20:55:45 EST 1999

I dont check the plans every day but I do check my email almost daily.

SO, I third it. Motion carried. Its agreed: The programmers should post
a message on the lists when a client/proxy is updated.


On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Mark Brown wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 16, 1999 at 07:11:49PM +0100, Guillermo Leira Rubalcaba wrote:
> > Only one idea... It would have been easyer if you would have explained all
> > this things in each new version of the proxy. People would have understood
> > it better.
> I'd just like to second this - the main reason I originally subscribed
> to this list was to allow me to find out when new proxies were released
> and what they did.  However, everything here is very much second hand
> and all the information is distributed via .plans (I know there is a
> mailing list for them, but it doesn't really feel the same and is
> certainly non-obvious given the methods used by most other programs).
> Telling the list what's going on would be a great help in making
> informed decisions about what to install.
> There is a similar problem with the main clients.
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