[PROXYPER] Proxyper 300+ a lemon? (long)

Steve Mackin SteveM at abdick-itek.co.uk
Fri Feb 19 13:49:48 EST 1999

Continuing this thread I would like to point out a strange problem that I
have just experience with the personal proxy (build 304)

The NT Server hosting my proxy just screwed up and went down with some kind
of strange exception error in LSASS.EXE coursing me to have to reboot the

After the reboot the proxy reported that the blocks were locked, so I
proceeded to run the -unlock switch. After running this command the proxy
further reported that I had bad blocks so I ran the -repair switch.

This then was the start of my problems. All appeared to be working correctly
apart from the fact that I now have well over 10,000 awaiting checking
despite maxkeysready being set to 5000.

rc564 r=10223/5000, d=0/1, 38.7 Mkeys/sec

How can this happen? But more importantly even at an maximum keyrate of
38.7Mkeys/Second its going to take me some time to crunch through 10,000
blocks; Is there any time limit from when blocks are checked out from the
main keyservers to when they are returned. I would _hate_ to think that I
was returning expired blocks. 

Also does anybody know how the proxy issues blocks, for example will it
issue the oldest block to clients first (i.e. on a FIFO basis) or does it
just issue them in a random order!

Steve Mackin

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