[PROXYPER] Just wondering

Nico Schmoigl schmoigl at rumms.uni-mannheim.de
Fri Feb 19 18:10:14 EST 1999

Hi Mitchell,

> I'm not a dNet coder, but I've be listing to these discussions for a 
> while.
> This is a known behavior.  The proxy uses what's called a "sliding 
> window" average speed calculation.  (calculating the "instantaneous"
> average of something that is composed of discrete events is a tricky issue.)
> The sliding window method doesn't always use the same time span, and
> over time, the actual "window" is of different sizes.  In the case
> you're describing, the time window encloses the same number
> of blocks completed, but it varies in actual length of time such
> that average it calculates varies inversely.
> [...]
> Summary: Just ignore it. Nothing fishy is going on...

Oh! After that explanation it is clear to me! Thank you...


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