[PROXYPER] When does it flush?

Phillip phile at phile.com.au
Mon Feb 22 06:57:23 EST 1999


Forgive my ignorance about which SIG is which here :)
In the OS/2 304 betas, a Ctrl-Break would force a reload of
the ini file and force a connection to the upstream proxy.
A Ctrl-C would close down the PProxy.

In the later 304 GA releases, these were switched around.

Hope this helps.


>what methods of sending the SIGHUP and others are available in 
the OS/2
>versions?? i've asked before if they are emx ports of the *NIX stuff 
>not gotten any answer... if they are emx ports, then my question is
>probably already answered as i also run the emx port of Apache 
>several other *NIX stuff... still, it would be nice to see a
>confirmation one way or the other <G>

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