[PROXYPER] LIFO/FIFO Buffers (was Proxyper 300+ a lemon? (long))

Karl Tremain rc5des at ktremain.keme.co.uk
Sun Feb 21 21:17:57 EST 1999

At 10:22 am 20/2/99 +0000, you wrote:
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>> Also does anybody know how the proxy issues blocks, for example will it
>> issue the oldest block to clients first (i.e. on a FIFO basis) or does it
>> just issue them in a random order!
>At one point, I was sure it was FIFO.  Now.. I dunno, I assume its FIFO,
>but based on observations from other people.. It could be LIFO (though I
>hope not).

I have observed my buffer, and i am now convinced that the perproxy buffers
are lifo.

I do hope this gets changed, because i think there is a lot of stale blocks
being caused by this

The evidence that i have to support this is the fact that when i am on the
internet for a while, the PP uploads my blocks the moment they are
completed, and therefore downloads more blocks to refill its in buffer,
usually only getting iter 1 or 2 blocks.  Checking the logs reveals that
after a while, all it is handing out to my faster machines is iter 1
blocks.  If i disconnect, and come back abd check later it has started
handing out blocks up to the maximum size (iter 8) from last time the
buffer was completely filled and it recieved iter 64 from the proxy it
connected to.


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