[PROXYPER] Proxyper 300+ a lemon? (long)

Matthias Duesterhoeft md at duesti.fido.de
Sun Feb 21 22:50:13 EST 1999

                              Hallo Kanok

 >> At one point, I was sure it was FIFO.  Now.. I dunno, I assume its
 >> FIFO, but based on observations from other people.. It could be LIFO
 >> (though I hope not).

 KC> What I heard is Proxy is FIFO but Client is LIFO.

The 280er had a FIFO-buffer, but in 300+ it's something else - neither FIFO nor
LIFO. I have blocks starting with 80, 82, 84 and 86 in my buffer and the
clients get the blocks in an unordered and unpredictable sequence.

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