[PROXYPER] Problem using distributed.net RC5DES Personal Proxy (304)

Gianluca Gambotto ggambott at macquarie.com.au
Mon Feb 22 17:06:33 EST 1999


I have entered in all the correct details into the proxyper.ini to access the outside world via my companies proxy server.

I can run the GUI DES client quite happily, so I know the network is working etc..

But, when I try to run proxyper.exe, the following comes up on my screen;
[02/22/99 05:59:23 UTC] Initializing distributed.net Personal Proxy (build 304)
[02/22/99 05:59:23 UTC] Visit http://www.distributed.net/FAQ/ for details.
[02/22/99 05:59:23 UTC] Proxy starting up.
[02/22/99 05:59:23 UTC] Server connectivity mode is normal
[02/22/99 05:59:23 UTC] Creating outgoing server connection.
[02/22/99 05:59:23 UTC] rc564 r=0/20, d=0/3, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0
[02/22/99 05:59:23 UTC] desII r=0/20, d=0/100, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0
[02/22/99 05:59:24 UTC] Server changed from state 0 to 1
[02/22/99 05:59:24 UTC] Server changed from state 1 to 8
[02/22/99 05:59:25 UTC] server: Establishing handshake.
[02/22/99 05:59:26 UTC] Connection packet failed validation
[02/22/99 05:59:27 UTC] Server changed from state 8 to 1
[02/22/99 05:59:27 UTC] Server changed from state 1 to 8

I have also had a look at the http requests that it is passing, and it appears that proxyper is asking for;

Any ideas?


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