[PROXYPER] Small program change req. for ProxyPer

Mike Morrow serverguy at vallejonet.net
Sun Feb 21 23:45:20 EST 1999

To the author of Personal Proxy (Jeff Lawson?),

I have a low priority request but one that will help the accuracy of my
PProxyMon program as well as others, probably.  I think it would be easy to
implement since the code is already in place, it only needs to be called
one extra time after an upstream send attempt.

When there is a send from Personal Proxy upstream and one or more blocks
are rejected or the proxy does not respond and they are requeued for later
sending, I would like to see the following lines repeated in the log:

02/22/99 07:26:23,rc564 r=1000/1000, d=0/25, 1.3 Mkeys/sec, tot=14
02/22/99 07:26:23,desII r=0/20, d=0/100, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0

Or even if all blocks are accepted, it would be nice to produce these
lines.  That means there is no logic to find out if there were errors, just
produce an ending status after a transfer every time.  Then my program or
others would not have to have the upstream lines produced if the user does
not prefer them produced.  

The problem this is trying to solve is during the period in which an
upstream was unsuccessful and the next cycle has not occurred, there are
blocks waiting to be sent and my program has no way of knowing this until
the next cycle and these lines come out again.  

Well, it does have a way of knowing there was a problem, but it means that
I have to parse more looking for reject lines.  But then, I don't think
that error message has the 'iter' number in it so I can know that there was
a problem sending, but not how many blocks are waiting.

As I say, this is a low priority request but one I would like to have put
on the list for the future.

Thanks for any consideration,
Mike Morrow
Mike Morrow

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