[PROXYPER] Small program change req. for ProxyPer

K.Peter Meyer kpm at ivolution.de
Mon Feb 22 16:01:12 EST 1999

> From: Mike Morrow <serverguy at vallejonet.net>
>When there is a send from Personal Proxy upstream and one or more blocks
>are rejected or the proxy does not respond and they are requeued for later
>sending, I would like to see the following lines repeated in the log:
>02/22/99 07:26:23,rc564 r=1000/1000, d=0/25, 1.3 Mkeys/sec, tot=14
>02/22/99 07:26:23,desII r=0/20, d=0/100, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0
>Or even if all blocks are accepted, it would be nice to produce these
>lines.  That means there is no logic to find out if there were errors, just
>produce an ending status after a transfer every time.  Then my program or
>others would not have to have the upstream lines produced if the user does
>not prefer them produced.
>The problem this is trying to solve is during the period in which an
>upstream was unsuccessful and the next cycle has not occurred, there are
>blocks waiting to be sent and my program has no way of knowing this until
>the next cycle and these lines come out again.

I agree with Mike - add me to the request :-)

I have to do some tricks to determine how many blocks were REALLY send to
the Keyserver (i.e. when clients are sending blocks during transfer)

How about a line which says: send "iter 7" or something like that!? This is
already built in the assigned / completed routines.




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