[PROXYPER] Intel ProxyPer on Linux Alpha?

rc5proxy at amazing.ch rc5proxy at amazing.ch
Sat Jan 2 16:20:00 EST 1999

On Jan 1 Francois E Jaccard (fjaccard at webshuttle.ch) wrote:

> Hi,
> Since the binaries for the personal proxy for Linux Alpha or OSF are old, I
> was wondering if I can use the Intel binary on my Alpha PC164.

That's what I do :)

> I know I need the em86 emulator and a patch for the kernel. What kernel
> version should I use?

2.0.35 here. I don't remember if I patched it, but I think, I used
the SRPM from RedHat.

I get an alignment-trap once in a while...

I run the following Script as a Cronevent to make shure the Proxy stays up
all the time:

PROCESS="`ps axu | grep -v grep | grep em86 | grep rc5 -c`"
if test ${PROCESS} -eq 0
 /home/rc5/rc5desproxy/rc5desproxyper >/dev/null 2>&1 &


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