[PROXYPER] NETSEC RC5 Proxy Analyzer 4.33

John Poznicek johnpoz at enteract.com
Sat Jan 2 10:47:59 EST 1999

I just grabbed the 4.33 version - and it still doesn't allow for manual
scaling of the graphs.  I would think alot of other people would run into
this same type of problem!

I have a few machines that are running offline, with big buffers - I check
on them every other week or so - and when I turn in their blocks, I get a
real high rate for that day - like 38,000 blocks for one day for example.
The problem is now I can't see the anything on the graph, but a big spike :)

Kind of off topic here, but since the author of it posts here all the time,
when a new version comes out - and I think a few people are using it. Does
anyone have a solution for this, besides not including that day :) in the

And could the Author please add some Y scaling fuctions please!!! - a manual
max would be perfect!!


John Poznicek
Team #2349

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