[PROXYPER] Clients and Personal Proxy Connections

vlad vlad at afn.org
Mon Jan 4 10:34:25 EST 1999

Am I being really dense?

I'm setting up clients behind a firewall to talk to a personal proxy on a
machine outside the firewall that is not well-connected to the net.  On that
outside proxy machine I run a web server on port 80.  In reading the notes
for the latest Windows CLI client, I notice: 

v2.7100.418 98.09.30 HTTP connections will always go to port 80 of the
                     specified *key* proxy

So how do I tell the clients to talk via HTTP encoding through the FW to
port 2064 on my outside personal proxy when the clients are hard-wired to
request port 80?  Thanks. 

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