[PROXYPER] Can you flush and fetch blocks via email from personal proxy

Karl Gramp kgramp at adl.csc.com.au
Tue Jan 5 13:18:42 EST 1999

fyi, I have tried SOCKS and HTTP. The system admin
have blocked everything.
I currently take the blocks across to a external network
and send them through a proxy, but this won't be quick enough
for the up coming DES.

Shawn Tayler wrote:
> On Tue, 05 Jan 1999 07:26:01 +1030, Karl Gramp wrote:
> >Is is possible to flush and fetch blocks via email like
> >you can do with the clients buffer files?
> >
> >Desperate person who is being harass by system administrators who
> >have now blocked my access through the Fire Wall.
> >Karl.
> Have tried using the SOCKS or HTTP encoding to sneak through?
> The other option is to use a floppy and bring the blocks home with you and refresh there then take the new blocks
> to work.
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