[PROXYPER] need help

Chris Vanden Berghe nuF4tsuJ at mail.dma.be
Wed Jan 6 11:51:35 EST 1999

Hi there,

>- pprc5in.rc5 remains unchanged because not only your outgoing connection 
>is not working, but also your incoming (which sounds logic to me):
>01/06/99 08:30:17,rc564 r=0/1000, d=64/1, 0.0 Mkeys/sec
>The value "r=0/1000" in the line above means that you have no blocks in 
>your inbuffer.
>I don't know why your connection doesn't work.

I have exactly the same problems as Arthur describes.
The only difference is that it says "Successfully put back 3 unsent
blocks." instead of 8 and that there is no problem with incoming
connections.  The pers. proxy just saves the blocks but can't send them to
the keyserver.  I've tried several different keyservers because at first I
thought the problem was that the keyservers weren't upgraded yet... it
still doesn't work.

>- A client cannot connect to a proxy running on the same machine: that 
>comes from my personal experience. Get to client to connect to whatever 
>your proxy connects.

??  I have no problem to get my client to connect to the pers. proxy I'm
running on the same machine as the client!  Just use as keyserver
for your client.

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