[PROXYPER] Build 300 Blocks

Mark Hill HillMW at august-systems.co.uk
Wed Jan 6 11:57:05 EST 1999


In trying out the new 300 perproxy on NT, I've noticed that it's 
behaving differently to 280.  

Now, the perproxy will fetch blocks from a keyserver until it reaches 
minkeysready then stop. It won't fetch anymore, even after forcing an 
update. At this point, a forced update won't flush any completed 
blocks either. If the number of ready keys is below minkeysready 
again, a fetch/flush will work, until minkeysready is exceeded again, 
then it will stop. In 280, this was different - the perproxy would 
retrieve blocks until maxkeysready was reached.  

Anyone else seeing this?

Mark Hill, Software Engineer
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