[PROXYPER] need help

Holger Dietze holger.dietze at advis.de
Wed Jan 6 17:57:29 EST 1999

Artur Lutze <alutze at waw.pdi.net> wrote on Wed, 6 Jan 1999 10:09:47 +0100:
> I'm using Windows NT and yesterday downloaded proxyper, it is working but I have several
> questions:
> 1. I put in ini these lines:
> minkeysready=100
> maxkeysready=1000
> maxkeysdone=1
> but size of pprc5in.rc5 is always 56 bytes, Why ?
> 2. Clients are sending blocks to proxy. There are 64 lines in highlandr1999.log and size
> of pprc5out.rc5 is 11064 bytes, but proxy can't send blocks to keyserver. What is wrong ?
> Here is my proxyper.ini:
> [KeyServer]
> ipaddress=euro.v27.distributed.net
> port=2064

You probably downloaded proxyper version 300. This can't connect to
proxies with a version <300. Last time I looked, the euro proxies were
version 282 ore 280 and won't accept your proxy. Try us or asia or
aussie as keyserver (us works fine for me at the moment).

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