[PROXYPER] Build 300 Blocks

John Poznicek johnpoz at enteract.com
Wed Jan 6 18:57:59 EST 1999

Am having the same problems - also, I have noticed that it sends blocks
really slow, ie it looks to me as if its sending one block at a time,
instead of grouping them together for sending.

01/07/99 00:18:50,server: Got handshake acknowledment.
01/07/99 00:18:50,server: Queueing block 000d85d1:00000000, iter 4
01/07/99 00:18:50,server: Queueing request, iter 64.
01/07/99 00:18:50,server: Queueing block 000f0bdd:80000000, iter 8
01/07/99 00:18:50,server: Queueing request, iter 64.
01/07/99 00:18:51,server: Acked receipt of 000d85d1:00000000, iter 4

This takes forever - when I would send up 5000 blocks with 280 it would fly.

I would switch back to 280, but I'm having problems with 280 getting blocks,
now that most of the keyservers have switched to 301, Im going thru a
proxy/firewall - and it use to work perfect - but not it doesnt with the 280
proxyer.  and with the bug of just sending blocks up til just under maxdone
on 301 - my pproxy was sending blocks every few seconds :( one at a time!

My work around til they put out pproxy V3XX was to chain my 280 proxy to my
301 proxy.  The 280 hands out the blocks to all my clients, and when it is
time to send the block up, or it needs more it talks to my 301 pproxy -
which connects to the outside world.

I have also noticed the workperiod option is gone, or doesnt work! no matter
what I put in, Im getting a console update every 30 secs! (this makes extra
big logs files)  I have tried changing the connectperiod, this doesnt seem
to do anything either!

Sure hope PProxy v302 comes out soon,

John Poznicek
Team #2349

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> Hi
> In trying out the new 300 perproxy on NT, I've noticed that it's
> behaving differently to 280.
> Now, the perproxy will fetch blocks from a keyserver until it reaches
> minkeysready then stop. It won't fetch anymore, even after forcing an
> update. At this point, a forced update won't flush any completed
> blocks either. If the number of ready keys is below minkeysready
> again, a fetch/flush will work, until minkeysready is exceeded again,
> then it will stop. In 280, this was different - the perproxy would
> retrieve blocks until maxkeysready was reached.
> Anyone else seeing this?
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