[PROXYPER] Bug(s) with build 300??

Martin Jehle jehle at iaf.fhg.de
Thu Jan 7 09:01:34 EST 1999

At 07:52 06.01.99 -0600, you wrote:
>I am having problems with build 300, running on WinNT can someone suggest
>1 - When it flushes it only send enough blocks to get below "maxkeysdone"
>level. This causes it to send each time a client sends a block and to hold
>a lot of processed keys.
>2 - On a fetch it seems to ignore "maxkeysready" and gets ~1000 blocks.
>3 - This morning I found the proxy stuck in a loop and was consuming all
>CPU cycles. The log file has an entry at 05:29 and then jumps to 13:42. I
>could not shutdown the proxy server and had to reboot to get at it.
>Seth Innis
Same problem with me. 
very anoying: 3 (locking of proxy 300 under NT4) . two times locking with
still around 300 blocks in buff-out files. Two times losing this blocks
because of locked buff files (hoping sometimes this blocks can be recovered).
Thinking of reinstalling proxy 282 or waiting for an update.
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