[PROXYPER] Bug(s) with build 300??

Mark Hill HillMW at august-systems.co.uk
Thu Jan 7 08:12:03 EST 1999

On 6 Jan 99, at 7:52, Seth_Innis at tivoli.com wrote:

> I am having problems with build 300, running on WinNT can someone suggest
> solutions?
> 1 - When it flushes it only send enough blocks to get below "maxkeysdone"
> level. This causes it to send each time a client sends a block and to hold
> a lot of processed keys.

I'll go along with that - I'm seeing the same thing.

And build 301 doesn't seem to have changed anything in this area.

> 2 - On a fetch it seems to ignore "maxkeysready" and gets ~1000 blocks.

I found it stops shortly after exceeding minkeysready.

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