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MichaelKjörling admin at gandp.pp.se
Thu Jan 7 18:37:49 EST 1999

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At 16:58 1999-01-07 +0100, you wrote:
>I have used the 280 on NT for quite some time and was impressed by the
>stability. Switching to the 300 & 301 has done me no good at all, I used
>have sticked to the moto:
>never touch a running system.

That's right. I can't belive what's wrong with 301, it doesn't like being
installed as a Windows NT service. 280 installed and runned without a single
message for months, but when I try to start the pp301 via Control Panel |
Services I get the error message:

An internal Windows NT error has occoured.

Error 2640. (or something similar)

When I try to start it using "NET START" it says I should check net's message
#3534, which says:

The service did not return an error.

What to do? I've placed it in the Startup folder for all users, but that's far
from great. At least it runs now, but I would like it to run as a service.

Anyone who knows anything about this?


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