[PROXYPER] Build 301

bryan collins bryan at coombs.anu.edu.au
Fri Jan 8 09:28:45 EST 1999

Shawn Tayler said:
> Hi Guy's,
> Watching the reflector activity, it would appear that build 301 of the PP should be avoided on both Win32 and Linux.  
> I am currently running build 280 on OS/2.  Since there is no PP available for OS/2 as of yet and I do have a Linux 
> machine available, is there going to be a bug fix for 301?  I see a build 301a on BSD, is there any background 
> available on this?

Well I just grabbed 301a on FreeBSD, and it wont even initialize the proxy
at startup, it just hangs.

300 and 301 have all sorts of problems, 300 decided that it wasnt
going to give out any desII blocks all night, even though it has 1000
in the in buffer.

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