[PROXYPER] Build 301

bryan collins bryan at coombs.anu.edu.au
Fri Jan 8 15:23:27 EST 1999

Shawn Tayler said:
> I think I will wait a bit.   I do hope the bugs can be cleared in time for the real contest to begin.

A wise idea.

On further inspection:

[01/08/99 04:21:15 UTC] rc564 r=20171/20, d=0/3, 0.9 Mkeys/sec
[01/08/99 04:21:15 UTC] desII r=179/1000, d=84/100, 62.4 Mkeys/sec

seems the pproxy just loves rc564 too much
its been growing for the last 24 hours from 0

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