[PROXYPER] Build 301

Russ Price rjprice at ais.net
Thu Jan 7 22:31:43 EST 1999

> Well I just grabbed 301a on FreeBSD, and it wont even initialize the proxy
> at startup, it just hangs.
> 300 and 301 have all sorts of problems, 300 decided that it wasnt
> going to give out any desII blocks all night, even though it has 1000
> in the in buffer.

The 300 proxy has been a real train wreck. :(
All of my local network uses 192.168.66.x addresses behind a Linux
IP masquerading system, but, after a while, the proxy thinks that
clients are connecting from 152.53.242.x - WHAT THE FSCK?!

Ugly, ugly, ugly.  Not to mention the difficulty in connecting
to the keyservers, and the lock file problems. :(

Well, should I go back to 280, or should I just forget about
using a perproxy anymore?
Russ Price - rjprice at ais.net - "Bus error (passengers dumped)"
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