[PROXYPER] Access via Telnet Proxy or Microsoft Proxy Server auth entication - Win32 & Linux X86

Smith, Jason N (EDS) smithjn at bp.com
Fri Jan 8 12:10:37 EST 1999

I am stuck behind a corporate firewall.

I have the option of using a Telnet gateway on port 23 or an HTTP gateway on
port 80.

If I try to use the Telnet gateway, configuring the personal proxy (or RC5
client) to use:


It does not work, I have tried the most verbose logging, but its not verbose
It doesn't seem to connect to the Telnet gateway at all.
I can manually Telnet to the gateway, then type: OPEN
It will connect to the keyserver on port 23.

I have also tried to use the http gateway, this used to work fine as the
gateway used a UNIX box and software.
This has been changed to an NT box running MS Proxy Server - this only
allows authenticated users in the NT domain get through. I can't seem to get
this to work with either the personal proxy or the clients.

I have been running a Wingate WWW Proxy, connecting to a dial-up ISP for key
transfers from my machines, but they log the telephone access in the office
and I am beginning to attract attention.

Any ideas anyone?
Is there any way of capturing the dialog that the personal proxy has with
the Telnet server - it seems to fail to connect very quickly - as if it
isn't even trying to hit the Telnet gateway.

Telnet errors:

[01/08/99 12:08:01 UTC] Creating outgoing server connection.
[01/08/99 12:08:01 UTC] rc564 r=0/300, d=0/401, 0.0 Mkeys/sec
[01/08/99 12:08:01 UTC] desII r=0/10000, d=0/100, 0.0 Mkeys/sec
[01/08/99 12:08:02 UTC] Error locating host euro23.v27.distributed.net
[01/08/99 12:08:02 UTC] Server changed from state 0 to 9
[01/08/99 12:08:02 UTC] server: Closing server connection.

I have tried the IP address of the keyserver, the IP address of the Telnet
gateway, with no luck.

Any suggestions gratefully received.



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