[PROXYPER] Proxyper 301 - Bug(s) ?

Raymond Ferry rferry at erols.com
Sun Jan 10 11:14:41 EST 1999

I've had problems getting v301 to shutdown on Win98.  What seems to be
happening is
that it eventually seems to stop checking in with the upstream keyserver(s).
It responds
to the Ctrl-C shutdown message and attempts to start shutting down, but just
Eventually you must force close the window manually, resulting in the loss
of the
buffer contents.  I've noticed that It seems to happen more often than not
after I've
started up ICQ v99a, used it and shut it down.  No, I don't have a log file
showing activity, but I will.

A utility to recover buffers after such failure would be appreciated.  I
don't really
like loosing the work that's been done or loosing the blocks to be checked,
because it will mean duplication of effort at some point.

Any chance that the connectperiod= line in the *.ini file will ever be made
to work correctly ? Or that the proxy actually only keep blocks between the
max and min levels ?  I'm seeing it keep over 10x as many as I've set it


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