[PROXYPER] Flush does not fully empty buffers

Marjolijn en/of Siebrand mazeland at casema.net
Sun Jan 10 18:10:04 EST 1999

I am running a pproxy on an NT Intel box. If i have for example the 
following setting for RC5: rc564 r=0/100, d=0/80, the pproxy will start 
flushing at connect when d= >80/80. It will then not totally empty it's 
buffers, but only flush to a little under the 80 line.

I have two questions about this:
am i the only one having this problem
if not: can it be fixed in a soon-to-be-released version of pproxy, because 
i will not set the pproxy to flush at one block and having a connection to 
my ISP all the time. Here in the Netherlands that does cost money. During 
RC5 this is not a real problem, no one will miss those 80 blocks, but with 
DES it is, D.net then DOES need all checked blocks ASAP.

Well, i hope anyone can answer these question. Thanks in advance.

Siebrand Mazeland
mailto:smazeland at wall.nl
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