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Sun Jan 10 16:25:24 EST 1999

 United States Patent 
Dec. 1, 1998

Method and apparatus for MPEG encoding 


MPEG compression for video/audio data is completed in real- or better
than real-time by using computer processors in thousands of television
receiver set-top boxes interconnected to a cable television network. The
set-top boxes form a massively parallel, distributed computer network.
MPEG compression for video/audio services is completed by partitioning
the processing of video/audio frames into subtasks, and distributing
these subtasks to set-top boxes which are not being used for subscriber
services. After compression, the compressed video/audio frames are
collected from the set-top boxes and are reconstructed into a compressed
video/audio stream in the proper temporal order. 

           Ferguson; Robert (Seattle, WA). 
           Microsoft Corporation (Redmond, WA). 
 Appl. No.: 
           Oct. 5, 1995

 Intl. Cl. : 
H04N 7/173
 Current U.S. Cl.: 
                                                       348/10; 348/12;
348/384; 455/5.1; 455/6.2
 Field of Search: 
                                                 348/10, 12, 13, 6, 7,
390, 385, 384, 388, 400, 401,
                                                    402, 409, 415, 416;
455/4.2, 5.1, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3;
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