[PROXYPER] [Fwd: Distributed Computing Patent awarded to Microsoft] boundary="------------209CBB94C29FF9790772089D"

wizard01 at bellatlantic.net wizard01 at bellatlantic.net
Mon Jan 11 09:56:48 EST 1999

Do does that mean what it sounds like it may mean? Microsoft 
may try to legally take over what's going on here?

> Microsoft applied in 1995 and has now been awarded in
> Dec 1998 the distributed computing MPEG patent to make
> use of spare cycles in settop boxes as additional
> computing capacity.
> Microsoft's new MPEG patent:
> http://patents.uspto.gov/cgi-bin/ifetch4?ENG+PATBIB-97-
> 98+0+916975+0+1+151582+OF+19+21+1+ISD/11/29/1998->12/29/1998+AND+AN/

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