[PROXYPER] Error when trying to start PP build 302 as a service

Paul Cabbe pcabbe at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jan 11 23:46:36 EST 1999

Let's start with the good news: It seems that build 302 has fixed the
fetch/flush problems, at least for me.

The bad news: it still won't start as a service.

When I attempt to start the service (NT4/SP3), I get a windows pop-up with
an Application Error: The instruction at "0x78008ab5" referenced memory at
"0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".

The proxy seems to function fine when run in a window.

Just for curiosity, I ran it in a window with the -svcrun command line
option used when starting it as a service. After a delay of about 10 seconds
it errors out "Unrecognized command line option: "-svcrun"". I don't know if
this is expected or not, but figured I'd offer it just in case.

Other info of questionable value:
I moved it into a non-long-filename directory (C:\X) - no change in behavior
I did a -unlock and a -repair between attempts to run it.

For Bovine and whoever else is working on this: you're making good progress;
I'm sure you'll get these last few problems with a little time. Thanks for
your efforts.

pcabbe at ix.netcom.com

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