[PROXYPER] Can i run RC5 clients and a proxy as a service acr oss a WinNT net work?

Oyvind Antonsen oyvindan at online.no
Tue Jan 12 18:55:33 EST 1999

Dave wrote:

DS> that's what I do now, the problem is that if I want it to run without
DS> someone logged in, it must be a service and the proxy has to be one too, so
DS> they have something to connect to.

Iirc, atleast the older clients (Win 32 GUI) runs as a service when
run hidden.... Start one PC and let the login screen be up for say 30
mins, then logon and use guicntrl to see if the client has just
started or started 30 mins ago....

The proxy is harder I guess, but you could put in a registry entry by
hand to make it run as a service and see what happens...


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