[PROXYPER] Upgrade to 302

rc5 at xfiles.nildram.co.uk rc5 at xfiles.nildram.co.uk
Tue Jan 12 21:36:03 EST 1999

On Tue, 12 Jan 1999 root at brain.acmelabs.com wrote:

> This morning I upgraded my pp to linux libc5 302 to prepare for destest2.
> Lots of stuff broke. The least of which is my stats log parsing thingie.
> Forgive me if any of this stuff has been hashed to bits on the list here
> before, i just subscribed to see if this stuff could be fixed. :)
> 1) The thing fetches WAY TOO MANY BLOCKS.
> [01/12/99 20:39:31 UTC] desII r=1583/800, d=1/2, 2.6 Mkeys/sec
> [01/12/99 20:40:02 UTC] rc564 r=1200/400, d=0/10, 0.4 Mkeys/sec

Same problem.  I had it previously, but I thought it was supposed
to be fixed this time.
> 2) Strange error, dont know what it is. :) Anyone have any idea?
> [01/12/99 20:41:35 UTC] Error, block count does not make sense: totalused=20 totalempty=0 totalunits=58

Did you try running 'proxyper -repair'?
> 3) showcumulativestats=1 doesnt give me a total block count anymore! :(

Sorry, can't help - it works for me.

Also, not only does 'detached=1' not do anything, but the distribution
ini file doesn't have that option in it anymore.. Has detached support
been removed? (Not serious - 'proxyper >/dev/null &' works, but just
wondering - after all, clients have just been altered to try to stop
you doing that, why change the proxies the other way?)

The main problem:  It buffers too many damn blocks.  There is no WAY
I can eat my way through 700 blocks

(anyone needing spare blocks could randomly try sci-fi.dyn.ez-ip.net
[standard port] which will work if I happen to be online. :)

David Taylor
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ICQ:	268004
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