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Copied STRAIGHT from the readme.txt file included with
the 302 proxyper (well, the linux one anyway):

Q. My proxy says that my buffers are locked and will not start up. What
do I do?

A. Start the proxy with the command line option "-unlock" and it should
force the buffers to be marked available for use again. You should then
be able to restart the proxy normally. Please be careful when using this
option and verify that there actually are no other instances of the
proxy still running. This locking feature was intentionally added to
prevent multiple instances from running at the same time.


David Taylor
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On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Eugene Mah wrote:

> The computer I've got proxyper302 running on crashed a couple of times
> on me while the pp was running.  When I rebooted it and restarted
> the proxy, it gave me errors saying that it couldn't get a lock
> on the buffer files.
> is there a way to get aroudn this without deleting the buffer files?
> Eugene Mah
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