[PROXYPER] PProxy under SPARC Linux

dan carter motion at es.co.nz
Thu Jan 14 15:24:11 EST 1999

Well, just discovered that SPARC Linux only runs SunOS4 binaries
meaning the Solaris26 pproxy is no use to me. So is there anyone
working on a SPARC linux release?

I realise it's mentioned that there are no plans to port to other
platforms, but this platform has already been ported to.  I'm currently
running the 278 SPARC Linux release and hoping somone is working on a
simple compile of the v300 glibc x86 linux
pproxy under SPARC, cause im concerned my clients wont be making use of
the quick start code.

I'll volunter to compile and maintain it if the problem is a lack of
people/time/SPARC hardware.

Alternatively a SunOS4 release would fill the need nicely.

dan carter

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